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"Alumni@Workplace” Season II Episode 4: Art and Culture

29 Nov, 2022

Interaction and connection between people are the core elements of stage performance. However, these were broken all of a sudden by the pandemic. Restrictions on theatres and halls hindered the livelihoods of performers and they had no choice but to work in other industries. When the limitations were loosened, performers had the chance to come back with a bunch of new life experiences. Would they have a brand-new understanding of performance art? The fourth episode of "Alumni@Workplace" Season II brings you backstage to listen to words from the bottom of performers’ hearts.

The guest in this episode, Octavian Chan (Faculty of Science/ 2004) explains why as a Physics student he wanted to become a stage artist and how he discovered the pace of life he desired, and he recalls the original urge to become an artist during the pandemic. As a junior performer, how does Kung Chi Yip (Faculty of Social Science/ 2019) see himself in the “big time” in the performing arts?  


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