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"CUHK Innovations that Changed the World" - Professor Raymond Yeung Network Coding

20 Dec, 2021

Professor Yeung Wai-Ho Raymond, is a leading figure in the information theory community and a co-founder of the field of network coding, exerting a significant impact in a variety of practical scenarios such as data storage and network communications. The Institute of Network Coding he co-founded has now evolved into a key contributor in Hong Kong that explores and utilises the promises of network coding in practical scenarios.

In the late 1990s, Professor Yeung proposed the concept of network coding that revolutionised network communication. By applying coding to data packets inside the network, more information can be transmitted at a higher rate. In practice, this means people can download data faster, watch video streaming with less delay, and communicate more securely on the Internet. Professor Yeung and his team have further developed and spearheaded the use of the BATS, a network coding technology that solves the longstanding problem of packet loss in wireless multi-hop communication.

Watch the video and learn more about his research!

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