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We are CUHKers II – Fifth Episode: Staying True

23 Jul, 2021
Many students are full of ambitions and dreams when they first enter CUHK, but how can they stay true to them after graduation? Director Adam Wong (Fine Arts) remembered a quote from his professor, "There is nothing new under the sun, but much is underlain in shadows." Every object has a shadow which makes it more dimensional. Being an artist involves exploring this aspect.
Adam Wong’s partner, writer Saville Chan (Anthropology) believes that life is built on experience. Whether things make you happy or not, they are all meaningful.
Screening with: how did these two guys meet each other and become good friends? And Adam Wong’s drawing is also exposed! Let’s watch the video now!
Starting from the trailer, a total of six videos are produced. We have seen that CUHKers are connected in this campus and become companions. Along the way, they reinvent themselves from confusion and continue staying true.

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