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Keeping It Clean CUHK Style!

12 Mar, 2020

How many people have benefited from the CUHK homemade alcohol based handrub? In late January, CUHK prepared to meet the challenge by producing 3 batches of alcohol based handrub to a total of almost 1,900 litres for distribution to 50 CUHK internal units, hostels and canteens. The University has collaborated in its distribution with 36 NGOs serving elderly homes, elderly centres, special schools and residential child care centres, as well as with 18 secondary schools for a school outreaching project. Some of handrub was distributed by our students and alumni directly to the elderly and the under-privileged in several communities. Many CUHK students, staff and alumni have participated in the purchase of raw materials and in making and distributing the alcohol based handrub to those in need, combating the disease together with all Hong Kongers.

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