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What I learnt from CUHK

29 May, 2020

How does university education influence one’s development after graduation? We have invited five alumni from different generations who graduated from different disciplines to review how CUHK inspired them. You’ll find that, despite taking up different roles in society, they share the same core attributes, which are multi-perspective thinking, humanism, in pursuit of excellence, broad-mindedness, as well as professionalism and loyalty. Perhaps, those are the uniquely inherited features of CUHK graduates.

In the first episode, Sammy Leung, the famous media worker who graduated from the School of Journalism and Communication, will tell how CUHK trained his multi-perspective thinking.


Coming up next:

Second episode: Arnold Chan (Global Business Studies), Founder of Teach4HK

Third episode: Eliza Cheung (Psychology), Hong Kong Red Cross Clinical Psychologist

Fourth episode: Cheung Leong (Integrated BBA), Executive Director, Charities and Community of The Hong Kong Jockey Club

Fifth episode: Loretta Fong (Accounting), Partner, PwC Hong Kong

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