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Dream Chaser—Ah Jeng

4 Oct, 2021
All HKDSE candidates should be working hard preparing for the examination. Are you also struggling to select your programme choices in JUPAS? No matter which subject you choose, you will win as long as you dare to chase your dreams.
Currently a radio DJ, Ah Jeng / Wong Ching Yee (Journalism and Communication) has worked hard to achieve her goals since she was a kid. Now she regards it as a dream come true. While she has been working at the radio station, Sammy, who also graduated from CUHK, has often coached and prompted her as her senior. How do they get along? Along the way, when Ah Jeng was chasing her dream, she once lost her confidence. What made her persist? She was almost in tears when she talked about it. Check out this video!
You still have questions about choosing programmes? No worries! CUHK is going to organize Virtual Information Day for Undergraduate Admission on 16 Oct (Sat). There will be many talks to introduce different programmes. Live chat sessions will also be arranged to answer your questions!
Revisiting “Dream Chaser”video series
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