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"Alumni@Workplace” Season II Episode 2: ESG

1 Nov, 2022
Climate change and sustainability have been the most pressing global issues in recent years. For this reason, the Environmental, Social and Governance concept (ESG) has grown in popularity. Given that the living habits of human beings changed with the outbreak of the pandemic, is the ESG having a stroke of luck or encountering deadlock under the new normal?
The second episode of "Alumni@Workplace" Season II helps you understand what ESG is. The guest in this episode, Peggy Lee (Faculty of Science/ 2002) shares her valuable experience in working in the ESG field and how enterprises could stabilise the business environment and achieve sustainable development goals by examining the challenges and opportunities of climate change. Would Natalie Chung (Faculty of Social Science/ 2019), who also works in the ESG field, have a different perspective on the role of ESG? And how would both connect the environment, society and governance?
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