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"Alumni@Workplace” Season II Episode 1: E-Commerce

19 Oct, 2022

There is innovative and transformative talent in every successful enterprise. Due to the pandemic, E-Commerce companies which focused on online shopping grew rapidly, though there was a battery of unprecedented challenges to face. How could these enterprises grab the opportunities and overcome all the difficulties?

The first episode of "Alumni@Workplace" Season II reveals the road to success for E-Commerce. The guest in this episode, Jelly Zhou (Faculty of Social Science/2003) tells her story of joining an E-Commerce company in HK and how to cope with the challenges as a CEO with foresight and innovation. Could a newcomer to the business world, Robin Ho (Faculty of Business Administration/2019) find out the unique qualities of a CEO from their conversation? And how should you, who would like to work in the business field, keep your faith in adversity?

Coming up next:

Episode 2: ESG – Peggy Lee (Faculty of Science)

Episode 3: Hotel – Mona Kwan (Faculty of Business Administration)

Episode 4: Art and Culture – Octavian Chan (Faculty of Science)


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