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"Alumni@Workplace" Episode 2: Education

14 Dec, 2021

What are the hopes of educators for the future? What is the gist of putting educational theories into practice? The second episode of "Alumni@Workplace" takes everyone to realize the importance of "mission".

Suspension of classes, online learning, partial class resumption, official school reopening... The ever-changing teaching mode has brought unprecedented challenges to the academic arena and has made educators aware of the importance of implementing blended learning modes. What are the positive impacts of "blended learning"? How could we make good use of online platforms for teaching and learning? At the same time, in the face of challenges, how can Giraffe Language support teachers and students to express their feelings and needs?

The guest of this episode, Tsz-wing Chu (Faculty of Education/2009) gives his forward-looking views on the development and future of education. A freshman in the workplace, Rachel (Faculty of Social Science/2020) invites headmaster Chu to share with us his feelings and needs as an educator through the card game. The two guests play different roles in education. Is an educator’s commitment and perseverance an indicator of "love" or "responsibility” for his/her profession?

Revisiting "Alumni@Workplace" series

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