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Sail to the Dream with a Scholarship - Jane Ho

26 Mar, 2021
Do you have dreams? Have you ever tried your best to make your dreams come true?
‘Although “knowledge can change my fate” sounds a bit of a cliché, I feel like this is an example.’ said Jane who is a graduate of the Faculty of Education. She comes from a grassroots family and understands that she has to work harder and makes use of the limited resources to enrich herself with knowledge.
Jane received her first master degree while she was working as an English teacher for 4 years. However, what she was pursuing was nothing but the dream of studying abroad. With the support of Bei Shan Tang Foundation Scholarship, she turned her passion into motivation, sailed to the dream at the Stanford University in 2019-20, and finally received a Master of Arts in International Education Policy Analysis.

Remember to watch till the end of this video! Jane will share some useful tips for applying for a scholarship! Don’t miss it!

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