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Improving Mental Health Awareness in Society

30 Dec, 2020

Sometimes people get discriminated against because they are labeled as mentally ill. Currently a Ph.D. student of Department of Psychology of CUHK, Amanda Li cofounded StoryTaler to promote mental health and let people listen to the stories of people with mental illness.

“Research shows that personal contact is the most effective way to reduce discrimination. Story-telling is the most direct way to get to know more about the person in front of us,” said Amanda. StoryTaler was set up in 2015. With funding support from CUHK, it became a social entrepreneur in 2019, with the aim of acquiring more resources to reach people who do not know much about mental health and break through that stratosphere.

“Mental health is not just personal. It is a matter for the community. It is a matter for the whole of society,” said Amanda.

In view of her contribution to promoting mental health, Amanda received the “2020 Outstanding Students Awards – Social Service”.

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