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Final call: nominations for the 2020 Outstanding Students Awards

14 Jul, 2020
Attention please! This is the final call for nominations for the 2020 Outstanding Students Awards! How outstanding should the students be in order to get the awards? The team of uBuddies received the “2019 Outstanding Students Awards – Social Service” and was elected as “Most Outstanding Stars” in the social service category.
At CUHK, it is believed that lots of students have shared their personal stories and feelings with uBuddies via their Facebook page. uBuddies listen without judgment and they respond to emotions. They provide their peers with needed relief and promote the importance of mental health. Their professional service won them the award. So what is their mission? Check out the video and get to know more about the unsung heroes!
Apart from social service, CUHK students with notable achievements who have made significant contributions in any of the areas of Innovation and Invention, Sports, Arts or Special Achievement can apply for the Awards.
And a friendly reminder that those interested in providing peer counselling and promoting mental health should stay tuned for the uBuddies’ promotion. They will recruit a new batch of peer counsellors this coming September.

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