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Drawing in Adversity

22 Jun, 2020

The pandemic is ongoing and anyone may feel stressed. Even if you just say, “How are you today?”, do you realize how much happiness you can bring during this difficult time?

Here is the second episode of CUHKers' stories about overcoming adversity. We have invited Dr. Yannie Cheung, lecturer of Global Studies Programme, CUHK Faculty of Social Science, and an illustrator to tell us about how she started drawing at an unexpected time because of an accident. She created a pair of cartoon characters without a mouth which have become drawings that can bring you warmth. During the pandemic, Yannie was also facing a sudden change in teaching. She talks about how to cope with the challenges and also the uniqueness of CUHKers through her eyes.

Here is Yannie’s drawing to download. You can paint and write your personal messages. Parents can also draw with kids. Let's present people with this drawing and show you care. Download: 

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