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CUHK 55th Anniversary - The Logo

17 Oct, 2018
On 17 October, 1963, CUHK was founded. The motto of the University, Bo Wen Yue Li (Through learning and temperance to virtue), was adopted the following year. 
The 55th Anniversary logo is derived from the motto's four Chinese characters. What is the meaning behind it? Let's listen to the logo designer Karr Yip.  
Acknowledgment: CUHK has specially invited alumnus Mr. Karr Yip (2000 New Asia, Bachelor's in Architecture; 2003 Master of Architecture), who is the chairman of the Hong Kong Designers Association and designer of the emblems of Wu Yee Sun College, C.W. Chu College, and Lee Woo Sing College, to contribute a design for the 55th Anniversary logo.

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