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”Alumni@Workplace” Season II

11 Oct, 2022

”Alumni@Workplace” 4 Episodes Coming Soon!
Four different industries, four kinds of attitude towards the pandemic.
Under the restrictions of COVID-19, the businesses of E-Commerce and Hotel have changed from time to time. Is it possible to turn the crisis into opportunities? How could ESG as well as the #ArtandCulture industries come up with brand-new solutions to overcome the unprecedented challenges? This is a programme which allows CUHK alumni to exchange their ideas, all arranged and produced by CUHKers. 4 new episodes will premiere from 18 October!


Coming up next:

Episode 1: E-Commerce – Jelly Zhou (Faculty of Social Science)

Episode 2: ESG – Peggy Lee (Faculty of Science)

Episode 3: Hotel – Mona Kwan (Faculty of Business Administration)

Episode 4: Art and Culture – Octavian Chan (Faculty of Science)

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