We are CUHKers II - Fourth Episode: Reinvention

18 Jun, 2021
Enders Wong (Fine Arts) is not only a ceramics artist. He also delves into Kintsugi. You are probably very curious about what Kintsugi is. Director Adam Wong who consulted Enders in the “Reinvention” video certainly feels that way. Kintsugi is mending with gold, thereby extending the lives of broken objects but it takes 49 days to finish the whole process.
During his time learning Kintsugi, Enders came to understand that even if a flawed thing exists, you should embrace and transform the imperfection. Then you may turn the tide. “There is no flawed or perfect. Time makes everything beautiful, moment by moment,” Watch the video and savour the spirit of Kintsugi!
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Fifth episode: Staying true — Adam Wong (Fine Arts), Director, Writer│Saville Chan (Anthropology), Producer, Writer, Lyricist
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