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Dream Chaser—Ashley Cheung

17 Jul, 2021

The HKDSE examination results will be released soon! What would you consider when modifying programme choices of JUPAS? Will the subject you choose in university affect your future career very much?

Director Cheung Yin Kei Ashley studied Philosophy at CUHK but influenced by her father director Alex Cheung. She has been immersed in films and interested in this sector since she was a kid. It was not until she met someone whilst studying in secondary school that the door was really opened towards the world of films.

In addition to acting as a director, Ashley is also a screenwriter. When writing a script, she will be like many "philosophers" and overturn herself constantly, like an endless journey. Nevertheless, she always enjoys doing research because she can learn something new. In Ashley’s eyes, what is a "good movie"? What kind of movie does she like to make? Let’s find the answer in this video!

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