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Modeling Discrete Optimization MOOC Specialization (Chinese version)

13 Dec, 2016
Have you ever planned the seating for a wedding, organized a roster, or completed a Sudoku puzzle? If so, you have solved a discrete optimization problem. These problems are ubiquitous in business and our daily lives, but solving them well is often very challenging. 

This promotional video introduces two Massives Open Online Courses (MOOCs) now available on Coursera: Basic Modeling for Discrete Optimization ( and Advanced Modeling for Discrete Optimization ( that will help you learn how to solve such problems with ease. They use a unique pedagogy where the learning is woven around a famous Chinese fable, “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. These courses, also available wholly in Chinese (Basic:, Advanced:, have been developed in a unique collaboration between The Chinese University of Hong Kong and The University of Melbourne, and will form part of a four course Specialization on Modeling for Discrete Optimization.

Please click here to watch the English version.

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