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Dr Kaiming He- 2023 Future Science Prize Laureates Lecture

16 Oct, 2023

The 2023 Future Science Prize Laureate Lecture co-organised by CUHK and the Future Science Prize was successfully held on 16 October 2023. The lecture was delivered by our alumnus Dr Kaiming He (PhD from the Department of Information Engineering in 2011), who shared insights on "Deep Residual Learning and How It Shaped the AI Landscape" with over 160 participants. Dr He was honoured with the 2023 Future Science Prize – The Mathematics and Computer Science Prize for his fundamental contributions to artificial intelligence by introducing deep residual learning. Deep residual learning has allowed neural networks to utilize unprecedented depths and unlock capabilities that previously deemed unachievable. Deep residual learning has been extensively adopted across many applications, paving the way for numerous breakthroughs such as AlphaGo, AlphaFold, and ChatGPT.

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