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Prof. Luís Bettencourt on “The Interplay between Information, Structure and Scale in Cities”

11 Jan, 2017
With the support of the Croucher Foundation, The Institute of Future Cities of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, presented the Croucher Advanced Study Institute 2016-2017 on “Integration of Urban Science and Urban Informatics for Smart Cities” on 10-12 January 2017 on CUHK campus. The conference invited 6 global top-ranked researchers on urban science and urban informatics to give keynote speeches. 

Prof. Luís Bettencourt teaches at the Santa Fe Institute. He has conducted research work at the University of Heidelberg in Germany, Los Alamos National Laboratory and at the MIT Center for Theoretical Physics. He has worked extensively on cities and urbanization. His research emphasises the creation of new interdisciplinary synthesis to describe cities in quantitative and predictive ways, informed by the growing availability of empirical data worldwide.

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