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University Lecture on Civility: Dr. Marcin Jakubowski on "Assembling the Future: A Social Innovator's Intriguing Project"

24 Oct, 2018
Imagine the next economy where knowledge has no boundaries: we share, we collaborate, and we combat resource scarcity to assemble our own lives and to attain self-sufficiency. Sounds impossible? Not really. This year, we are pleased to have invited Dr. Marcin Jakubowski*, Founder and Executive Director of Open Source Ecology, to be the keynote speaker of the University Lecture on Civility. Originally a researcher on nuclear fusion, Dr. Jakubowski has now turned to be a start-up entrepreneur pioneering innovation. As suggested by the title “Assembling the Future: A Social Innovator's Intriguing Project”, Dr. Jakubowski will share with us his perspectives on the future world and his tough journey towards actualising his idea of Open Source Ecology. Innovation entails both creative imagination and persistent effort. Dr. Jakubowski will share with us his personal experience and tell us how he has been driving Open Source Ecology to tackle the paucity of resources and to take control over our own lives. No matter DIY mobile phones, 3D printers, or machines, Dr. Jakubowski is striving to transform the blueprints into something real - all by his perseverance and resilience.

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