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Professor Barry James Marshall on "Helicobacter Pylori: Modern Uses for the Ancient Bacterium" (Highlight Version)

17 Oct, 2013

Professor Marshall's lecture reviewed the molecular epidemiology of Helicobacter and described the way that Helicobacter strains can be used to trace human migrations over the past millennia.  Consideration was given to the possible benefits of Helicobacter which might have relevance to the modern understanding of human association with commensal and perhaps 'near commensal' organisms such as Helicobacter.  Helicobacter pylori are recognized as the pathogen that causes peptic ulcers and stomach cancer, which colonize more than half of mankind.  New evidence has arisen suggesting the Helicobacter might play a beneficial role in controlling what could be an overactive immune system in the 21st century.  Professor Marshall also explained that the development of new Helicobacter products can provide the benefits of this ancient human/bacteria association without the more modern pathogenic outcomes. 

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