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Faculty of Education Public Lecture: A Discussion on the Leadership of Hong Kong's School Principals in Today's Educational Environment by Dr. Cheung Man Biu Robin

5 Oct, 2013

In order to enhance the quality of education, local school principals have had to cope with various reform initiatives in recent years. Questions arise. What is the best leadership model to adopt in such an environment? Among the many western leadership theories, which ones can fit the environment of Hong Kong schools the best?

Drawing from his many years’ experience of participation in formulating educational reform measures and also of their implementation in the school setting, Dr. Cheung addressed the questions from the following perspectives:

  1. Understanding the challenges and problems principals encounter in order to grasp the context of leadership
  2. Looking at some of the often-noticed and often-cited leadership theories in Hong Kong, including transformational leadership, instructional leadership, self-leadership and others, and their impact on principals
  3. Surveying the problems and resistance principals experience when applying those theories
  4. Exploring what kind of adaptation principals can make when applying such theories, so that their leadership can be more effective

Lastly, Dr. Cheung also discussed whether the leading job of a principal is an impossible mission under the influence of these factors.

Language: Cantonese

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