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Faculty of Education Public Lecture by Professor Lam Chi Chung, Professor Wong Ngai Ying and Mr. Fung Yee Wang on "Extracurricular Activities, Curriculum & Other Learning Experience:Myths & Reflections"

4 May, 2013

There are many types of extra-curricular activities for schools in Hong Kong. Other than the various inter-school and internal school competitions, there are still interest groups and music instrument classes, Olympic Mathematics classes as well as martial art classes organized by religious groups, voluntary and commercial organizations. In addition, in response to the trend of the demand in recent years to implement life-wide education and other learning experience activities, the situation is really mind-dazzling.

Some might say that these activities can facilitate the learning process of the students. However, some think that too many extra-curricular activities will affect student learning on students. But after all, “What is learning?” “What are the expected outcomes of learning?” “What is the true meaning of extra-curricular activities?” The seminar explored the above questions in different angles by analyzing the curriculum, learning, student growth and social actions.

Language : Cantonese


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