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How to Think about Institutions, Behavior, and Governance

28 Mar, 2023

Based on a new book project, Professor Tang will examine ways of thinking about institutions, behavior, and governance by raising several fundamental questions. By reviewing the rationales, recent research, and evolving answers to these questions, the lecture will help us understand some of the perennial challenges of building and sustaining good governance in China, the United States, and beyond. Professor Tang will also reflect on what he learned as a student at United College and how it has helped shape his intellectual development. Some of the questions addressed in the lectures include:

How to preserve liberty in the age of equality?

How to make informal rules/norms support good governance?

Is centralized government and decentralized administration possible?

How to develop enduring civic associations that are independent of particularistic social relationships?

How can recent advances in behavioral theory enhance our understanding of institutions and governance?


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