Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs Honorary Degree Conferment Ceremony

Dr Kaiming He- 2023 Future Science Prize Laureates Lecture

CUHK Information Day 2023—Discover your own sky

Inauguration Ceremony of the Belt & Road Alliance for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Presidents’ Forum

Cultural Vibes@CUHK 2023

The 92nd Congregation for the Conferment of Degrees

CUHK 2024 Calendar

Yu Ying-shih Lecture in History 2023/24 - Prof. Michael Puett on “Comparative Approaches to the Study of Chinese Intellectual History: Reflections on the Work of Yu Ying-shih”  

Yu Ying-shih Lecture in History 2023/24 - Prof. Michael Puett on “Culture and History: Yu Ying-shih, Weber, and Approaches to Comparative History”

Inaugural Lecture of the Au Chik Ko and Au Leung Shook Yin Professorship in Biomedical Engineering by Professor Barbara P. Chan


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