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"CHINA UNEARTHED: Soaring Phoenix Rising Dragon" Exhibition Opening Ceremony

24 Oct, 2013

The exhibition showcases some twenty phoenixes and six dragons artifacts, which are precious omens of good luck from Neolithic and Shang China. Some highlights of this exhibition include rare jade national treasures from the tomb of Fu Hao, who was a Shang dynasty queen. Another is a recently discovered white pottery vessel with phoenix motifs, which has never been displayed in Chinaor overseas. The discovery of the Gaomiao-Xiantouling phoenix cultural circle in South China has reshaped our understanding of ancient East Asian philosophy and ideology. It is an important archaeological breakthrough of the 21st century. The phoenix symbol can now be traced back to Hunan 8,000 years ago. Traces of the phoenix from approximately 7,000 years ago are found in the Pearl River Delta as well. 

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