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CUHK 50th Anniversary Fair Public Lecture by Mr. Chan Tak Hang, Professor Leung Seung Ming Alvin, Dr. Yuen Pong Yiu, Professor Barley Mak on "Shaking off Internet Addiction: Issues and Challengesists" (Full Version)

21 Sep, 2013

With the rising popularity of smart phones and the vastly improved Internet accessibility, the Internet has become an essential component in our lives. Every day the Internet provides us with new information to learn, creates new platforms to share, and establishes new networks to expand our social circles. People expect the newest freshest to be on the Internet but one click away anytime, anywhere. While people are enjoying the instant pleasure that the Internet brings, they are sadly much less aware of the potential threat of Internet addiction, which may adversely affect one’s academic or work performance, social relationships and health. In the form of an open forum, Mr. Chan Tak-hang, Prof. Alvin Leung, Prof. Barley Mak, and Dr Yuen Pong-yiu will define and discuss Internet addiction, a problematic issue for modern people worldwide, especially adolescents and emerging adults. Through case study analysis, the four speakers will probe the issue from psychological and mental perspectives, and from principals’, teachers’ and parents’ point of views. Upon addressing the challenges that different stakeholders face, the speakers will indicate directions and provide recommendations for schools and families to deal with Internet addiction.

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Language : Cantonese


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