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CUHK 50th Anniversary Fair Public Lecture by Prof. Samuel Sun on "Sailing the Seas of Science: The Dream of Hong Kong Plant Scientists" (Full Version)

17 Sep, 2013

A group of plant scientists from different universities in Hong Kong formed a team in 2000 and succeeded in establishing an Area of Excellence in Plant Biotechnology with the support of the University Grants Committee (UGC). The team, through basic and applied research and the application of molecular and biotechnological approaches, focuses on rice and soybean research. In 2006, the team's outstanding achievements received concluding assessment as world class by the international monitoring panel of UGC and secured further sustained funding support. The team was later approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China with the status of State Key Laboratory of Agrobiotechnology in 2008. It has been 14 years since the formation of the team, what bonds these plant scientists together and sustains their efforts? What motivates them? What is the springhead of their innovations? Why they select hybrid rice and soybean to work on? What have they achieved? And in final analysis, what is their common dream in this joint endeavor? Prof. Samuel S.M. Sun shared with the audience the dream of Hong Kong Plant Scientists in the lecture.

Language : Cantonese

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