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CUHK 50th Anniversary Fair Public Lecture by Prof. Chu Ming-chung on "Ghost particles and the evolution of the universe" (Highlight Version)

24 Aug, 2013

Prof. Chu Ming-chung from the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science at CUHK delivered a lecture entitled ‘Ghost particles and the evolution of the universe’ to introduce ghost particles, which are essential for understanding how the universe evolves to its present state.  The lecture drew a full house of over 300 participants, including academics, students, alumni and members of the public.  Live broadcast was arranged to cater to the extra audience.

In recent years, advances in cosmological observation have led to a large volume of precision data.  As a result, physicists have gained tremendous insight into the content and evolution of the universe.  However, the normal matter that people are familiar with accounts for only a small fraction of the total mass-energy of the universe.  Instead, ghost particles – particles that have almost no interaction with ordinary matter – dominate how the universe evolves to its present state.

In this lecture, Prof. Chu Ming-chung introduced the physics of ghost particles and their roles in some important outstanding problems in cosmology.  Recently, scientists have made important breakthroughs in the study of neutrinos, a class of ghost particles.  Professor Chu also discussed a related research project that a CUHK group of researchers has been actively participating in, the Daya Bay Neutrino Oscillation Experiment.

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