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CUHK Mooncake - Send Happiness And Reach Everyone

19 Jul, 2022

As well as spending the festive season with the family in the Moon Festival, let’s extend our love to those elderly people living alone. When you buy a box of “CUHK Mooncake”, a mooncake will be delivered to the solitary elderly, sending love to everyone.

Each box of CUHKMooncake includes four low sugar white lotus seed paste mooncakes with double egg yolks. The University has joined hands with Caritas La Vie, a local social enterprise which provides job opportunities for the mentally disabled through its baking workshop, to produce “CUHK Mooncake. For each box sold, CUHK together with our NGO partners will deliver a free mooncake to the elderly living alone in Shatin and Tai Po. Proceeds from the mooncake sales will be donated to support CUHK I·CARE.

This year, the university has invited CUHK English student Ruby Lee to design the packaging box. The idea came from an activity she joined in the Mid-Autumn Festival. When students are observing the moon, a cat suddenly comes out to grab the limelight and add delight to the festival. She also hopes to convey through her art piece the message to care for each other.

Each box is sold at HK$300 and includes four low sugar white lotus seed paste mooncakes with double egg yolks. Each contains 10.8 grams of sugar only.

Delivery service is available. Stocks are limited, place your order now!

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Deadline : 5 August 2022

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