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"Alumni@Workplace” Episode 4: Tourism

18 Jan, 2022
International tourism has been hardest hit by the pandemic's impact. While live virtual tours are admired, how can the travel industry adapt to the changes and recover? The 4th episode of "Alumni@Workplace” reminds us to keep pace with the beat of other people while we are striving.
The guest in this episode, Paul CHAN (Faculty of Social Science/2005) tells his story of building his local tourism business and how he takes advantage of his own strengths to overcome challenges. A YouTuber from a pure science background, Ahmy CHEUNG (Faculty of Science/2020), further discusses with Paul about the influences of local tourism on local people and its meaning.
For those who will join the workforce: Your every step may seem small. As long as you keep in mind the meaning you have given to your job, your power may change the world.

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