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"Alumni@Workplace” Episode 3: Biotechnology

4 Jan, 2022

What are the struggles of scientists? How far can they go in pursuing excellence? For newbies in the medical field, what is needed to keep us going? The third episode of "Alumni@Workplace" encourages everyone to hang in there with "Faith".

The guest in this episode, Dr. CHOI Pui Wah  (Faculty of Science/ 2013) enthusiastically tells her story, her views on the development of scientific research in Hong Kong, the advantages of being a female scientist, and how she went through the ups and downs of  founding her start-up company. Coincidentally and naturally, the concept of passing on what was shared by Dr. Choi was grasped by Karen CHOW (Faculty of Medicine/ 2021), a newbie in the medical field. Inspired by Dr. Choi, she encourages us to persevere from the perspective of a houseman.

Constant Trial and Error is unavoidable in both pursuing a research career and facing the pandemic situation. Only “Faith” can keep us going.


Revisiting "Alumni@Workplace" series

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