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What Do They See in CUHK Business School ── Regina Li (MScMKT 2018), Esther Jiang (MScMKT 2018) and Flavia Wu (MScMKT 2019)

21 Sep, 2021

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School is a global institution that we help our students realise their potential and equip them for the challenges and opportunities in this changing business world. Let’s discover what our master’s programme alumnae see in CUHK Business School.

Regina Li, Marketing Officer of Valuable Capital and MSc in Marketing (MScMKT) alumna, said, “I see business growth through applying what I learnt from big-data marketing to my brand and campaigns.”

Esther Jiang, Senior Officer, Training Department, Prudential and MScMKT alumna, said, “I see support from professionals in the same field through the connections I’ve made from joining the programme.”

Flavia Wu, Product Officer, MyLink Division, China Mobile and MScMKT alumna, said, “I see insights from real business practices and innovative ideas, which is what companies value the most.”


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