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CUHK Entrepreneurship Competition 2021 Five Finalists Fight It Out!

27 Aug, 2021
The CUHK Entrepreneurship Competition is being held for the fifth time. The five finalists are going to pull out all the plugs competing for the championship. The judging panel is composed of two representatives from Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks and Cyberport, and three alumni investors with rich venture capital experience. The winners, 1st runners-up and 2nd runners-up will receive prizes of $50K, $30K and $20K respectively.
The five finalists are:
1. Beth Bioinformatics Co., Ltd— (Professor Maggie Wang)
2. BioMed Technology Holdings Limited— (Mr. Vincent Tsang, Professor Stephen Tsui, Dr. Steven Loo)
3. Han-Peng Assisted Reproductive Technology Limited— (Dr. Ming Peng Zhao)
4. LaSense Technology Limited— (Professor Wei Ren, Dr. Ke Xu, Miss Sigrid Chan)
5. LeapFlash Technology Limited— (Dr. Torin Fung)
Let’s watch the video and get to know more about their strength!
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