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CUHK "Homemade" Alcohol-Based Handrub

1 Feb, 2020

Prof. Dennis Ng, CUHK Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Professor of the Department of Chemistry, has led colleagues including the Department of Chemistry and the University Safety Office, to prepare over 200 litres of 75% alcohol-based handrub, which will be distributed to students staying in hostels and to frontline staff providing essential services. The alcohol-based handrub will also be distributed, for free, to the charities that have partnered with CUHK. By giving to elderly centres and homes, we will do our best to help the under-privileged in a bid to combat the disease together. CUHK will continue to use existing resources to prepare more alcohol-based handrub.

Let's watch the interview with Prof. Dennis Ng and Mr. Ralph Lee, Director of University Safety about the production of the alcohol-based handrub!

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