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Lawal Mohammed Marafa on "Africa as Home to Humanity: Immigration, Current Challenges and Facing the Future"

1 Nov, 2018

Scientifically, it is still debatable as to whether Africa is the origin of humanity. Although there are many documents that allude to this notion, others have assumed otherwise. Whether this is a myth or reality, that fact that Africa has seen its share of exodus from the continent cannot be disputed. In recent times, the migration out of Africa has assumed a new dimension. This trend is posing challenges to a continent full of resources and to destinations with historical connection either as colonialists or trade partners.

In current times, Africa has also acquired new partners like China and India with aid and trade as items of discussion in addition to its traditional partners in this new scramble for Africa. What is the situation like on the African continent? What has it got to contribute to the global commons? In fact, who are the Africans? What are the challenges and prospects for prosperity? Seen as the last frontier of development, this presentation will seek to discuss the myths, identify the realities and highlight the challenges that confront the African continent. In conclusion, the prospects and potentials of Africa as an emerging destination of note, will be discussed.

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